Emergency management

The best way to handle an emergency situation is to plan ahead and be prepared. Taking precautionary measures before an emergency hits will help to ensure that you are able to combat many issues that could arise.

basic emergency supplies kit


Bottled drinking water ready to last roughly 72 hours.


Minimum of one flashlight with extra batteries.


Prescription and non-prescription medications, Bandaids, and antibacterial cleaning items.


Non-perishable items that are able to be opened easily and eaten without preparation.


A mobile phone with back up batteries and charge packs.


A hand-crank or battery operated radio for important updates and information.

In an emergency, you may need to survive with limited resources for an undetermined amount of time. Preparing an emergency kit can ensure that you have the means to stay safe and healthy during an emergency.

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Emergency kit checklist

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Spring 2020

These items are just a few of the essential items that you may need in the event of an emergency. Include personal items that you specifically may need in an emergency.


For a full guide and additional resources, utilize Canada's "Get Prepared" Guide: